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Crafts & Activities

Memory Game
A great felt board game. Play it with various toys they might receive for a birthday; a top; a toy car; a book, a cake, candles, a puppy, and so on, all made of felt. (Use felt pieces you may already have!) Let children memorize the objects on the felt board for a few minutes, then cover with a sheet. Ask children to name the items they remember. Little presents could be given out as awards for good memories.
(Tip: When "awarding" prizes, I always make sure that every child goes home with a prize! I had to do some quick thinking sometimes to come up with a reason for the prize...but they all left with that little prize and a smile on their face!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Make a big donkey for the felt board. Make felt tails, one for each child, with their names written on. Blindfold children one at a time and let them take turns "pinning" the tail on the donkey.


Birthday Candles

Today I have a birthday
I'm four years old, you see. Hold up four fingers.
And here I have a birthday cake
Which you may share with me. Make circle with arms.
First we count the candles,
Count them every one.
One, two, three, four Hold up fingers one by one.
The counting now is done.
Let's blow out the candles.
Out each flame will go.
"Wh....., wh......, wh......, wh......," Pretend to blow out candles.
As one by one we blow. Bend down fingers one at a time as you blow.

A Birthday

Today is __________'s birthday, Insert child's name.
Let's make her (him) a cake. Form cake with hands.
Mix and stir, stir and mix, Action of stirring.
Then into the over to bake. Pretend to place cake in oven.
Here's our cake so nice and round. Make a circle with arms.
We frost it pink (blue) and white. Action of spreading frosting.
We put four candles on it, (change # accordingly) Hold up four fingers.
To make a birthday light.

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